Our Mission

Our mission is to create unity and relationships outside the traditional lines of division by three primary methods that involve inter-church partnership.

1.) Kingdom Life One Accord Worship- the bringing together of numerous congregations across lines of normal separation to worship in one mind, spirit and one accord.

2.) Kingdom Life Friends and Family Fellowship- inter-church fellowship of Christ following believers and builds unity and friendships.

3.) Kingdom Life Service In One Accord- this brings local Christ followers to strategic points around the boundaries of partnership churches to work specifically around their block. This allows us to serve and simultaneously partner in evangelism.

From these three primary methods we pray for on going connections through several on going relationship portals.

1.) Men of Destiny- an inter-church non denominational discipleship program to Christ following and Christ seeking men and young men.

2.) Women of the Word- an inter-church non denominational ministry to women particularly those we meet in community outreach.

3.) Youth for Truth- an inter-church and inner-city ministry to youth in the community.

4.) A fourth outcome of these events is leadership alliance an on going paradigm shift and outlook towards deliberate partnership among local church leaders.

5.) Cross Connections Ministry- a ministry of interconnected small groups supporting the vision, mission, method and goals of the ministry through direct impact on the community. Formed in a natural and organic development.

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